Hand Luggage


Hand Luggage

I travel a lot, both within the UK and abroad. I thought I’d do a quick run-down of what I carry (and why). Some of the things I don’t always take everywhere i.e I don’t take my passport to Wales 😉

Starting from bottom left and going clockwise

cheap Depakote 500mg Monocle Magazine – I love this magazine, it has nothing to do with the outdoors but, everything to do with everything else, news, fashion, business, design, environmentalism etc… I usually pick up a copy at the airport.

buy furosemide tablets 20mg Cap – nothing special here, I have a few caps this one happens to be a black go to site Arc’teryx Bird Cap.

I-phone – I use my phone for pretty much everything;  social media, emails, internet browsing, notes, photos, videos, podcasts, music and so on… I also like to have my boarding passes loaded on my phone (top tip – rather than having to go into the “wallet” function on your I-phone to get your boarding pass, simply take a screen shot of your pass and set it as a tempory background – that way your not fumbling at check-in/lounges)

buy generic zyrtec d online Plugs & Cables – I’m not too keen on those “travel adapters” I always feel there a bit bulky and can hang out of the wall too much (or not even fit) I like to have a plug for the countries I’m travelling to. I also like to have a UK one too. Cables-wise I take cables for everything electronic, generally I like stubby cables, I-phone cables; I’ll take 2; one short one and one standard one (the stubby one, not many people have so it’s hard for them to “confuse” their broken cable for yours) I also make sure that the cables are marked in some way so I know which are mine; I’m pretty sure everyone has experienced “Cable Theft”. Headphones – I’m not that into headphones; these are the ones that came with my phone and are just fine.

Cosmetic stuff – Lip Salve, Moisturiser, Chewing Gum are Essential – Planes dry your skin and sleeping combined with AC make your mouth feel grim. These 3 are Lifesystems SPF 20 Sun Stick; Clarins Hydra-Quench; Wrigley’s Extra.

Wallet – I hate those “outdoor wallets” they’re pointless and look awful, this is my everyday dark brown leather wallet by Bill Amberg; nothing special in it – cash and credit cards which are unlocked to any country in the World.

Watch – just a watch – I use this watch in the mountains and when training; it tells the time, and that’s all I need to know when travelling. It’s a Suunto Ambit 3 Peak.

Writing Material – I get bored very easily, I like to have notes and a diary on my phone, but I also like having a written copy. I carry a notepad, a diary and 3 pens; 1 nice pen, 1 BIC biro, and 1 Sharpie. The Diary and Notebook are both by Leuchtturm1917.

Card-Holder and Business Cards.

Power Bricks – Charged Power Bricks – these 2 are on their last legs and need updating.

Brew-Kit – I carry this little bag; it has an old Light my Fire – pot in it and some Pukka Tea bags, there’s also an MSR Mug Mate. Coffee and Tea is crap on trains, busses, planes and almost anywhere else. I brew my own.

Travel Wallet – this may look over-kill, and it probably is. But, I have never lost it or left it anywhere. Inside this is my passport, EHIC Card, Yellow Fever certificate, airmiles cards and memberships, ear plugs, eye-mask and sick bags. It’s (obviously) The North Face Travel Wallet.

House Key – so I can get back into my house, I also have a lucky silver “Owl of Athenia” key ring; symbolising: Knowledge and Wisdom.

Sunglasses – I put some other ones in my hold luggage for “outdoor”! use, but I carry these Ray Ban New Wayfarer’s when I’m “on-the-road”.

Glasses – so I can see – these are some Hugo Boss glasses (they were the only ones I thought looked half-decent!)

Reading Material – I like to read a lot, and I like to read lots of different things. I always take my Kindle Fire HD, which has a host of different titles on it (and a Sonic the Hedghog game!) However, I do not use the Kindle exclusively, I still like a book! When I go away I like to take one Adventure type book (like this one by Jim Perrin about Shipton and Tilman) and I take 1 book which is absolutely not and Adventure type book (this one being Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh) I also never forget the other book (peekingy at the bottom) which is a special book written for me by my partner; Charlie!

What do you carry?

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